The Camp Small Zero Waste Initiative
Camp Small is the wood waste collection yard run by the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks. The 5 acre site is located in the Jones Falls Valley just north of Cold Spring Lane. Every day, City crews and contractors bring logs, chips, and brush to the site for processing.  In early 2016, the Rec & Parks Forestry Division, in collaboration with the Baltimore Office of Sustainability, began the Camp Small Zero Waste initiative in an effort to sort and distribute the variety of wood products at the site.

Now, Baltimore City residents and businesses can purchase the following wood products right from Camp Small.


For More information or to schedule a pickup contact us at or at 443-934-4128.

*Delivery of the following products is not available at this time.  All purchasers must haul their own material.

**All prices subject to change.


Prime Logs
Logs are thoroughly metal-detected. Graded and Scaled.
Board foot unit pricing based on quarterly timber market reports.

Log Seconds
$.30/board foot. Variety of species. Ideal for woodworking, outdoor projects, and mushroom farming

Log Thirds
$.10/board foot. Variety of Species. low grade logs. Ideal for firewood

Bulk Logs
Damaged, dead and rotten logs.
$1 per 10 tons
purchaser must load and haul.


Wood Chips
$10 per cubic yard

Camp Small staff will load material into truck or trailer at no additional fee

Screened Compost
We have a limited amount of available compost. This material is produced from our piles of decomposing wood chips. It is an ideal top dressing and soil amendment for planting and gardening. It can also be used to loosen hard soils and neutralize contaminated areas.

We are currently only selling the material by the cubic yard.

$25.00 per cubic yard



Split & Seasoned Firewood
Mixed species, Oak and Ash


$150/half cord

$25.00/wheel barrow

Contact us for pricing on special orders


Firewood Collection Membership
This is not split firewood.

$60 annual membership. Once a month pickup from designated area. Members are permitted to collect 43 sq. ft. of logs per month. Members must be able to cut rounds from long log lengths.


Contact Camp Small for more details.