Weed Warriors

Baltimore City Weed Warriors is a city-wide program that was developed to maintain the health of Baltimore’s urban forest. Certified Weed Warriors are environmental stewards trained in non-native invasive (NNI) plant management; they host volunteer events in parks all around the city to help protect trees, people, and biodiversity.

Certified Weed Warriors are volunteers and advocates permitted to work in City Parks and remove NNI plants without the supervision of park employees. To become certified, volunteers must complete our 3-part class series and participate in one group NNI plant removal event. The class curriculum includes: NNI plant identification (e.g. English Ivy, Porcelainberry, Kudzu, & more), their impacts on Baltimore’s urban ecosystem, removal methods, and leadership training.

After completing all requirements, participants become Certified Weed Warriors and receive: a certification card, Weed Warriors t-shirt, NNI plant identification guide, and curriculum resources. The training is free and open to any individual interested in learning more about the importance of nature and biodiversity in Baltimore City.

Support your community and natural areas by joining the Baltimore Weed Warriors!

Check-Out our Training Video: How to Remove Invasive Vines

Weed Warriors 101

April 6, 2022
6-8:30 pm | Live Webinar

Weed Warriors 102

April 9, 2022
9:30-noon | Druid Hill Park, Columbus Pavilion

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Weed Warriors 201a

April 20, 2022
7-8:30 pm | Live Webinar

Weed Warriors 201b

April 23, 2022
9:30-noon | Druid Hill Park, Columbus Pavilion