Sugar Maple Acer saccharum

Type Shade tree

Height 60-75 feet

Spread 40-50 feet

Growth Rate Moderate

Sun Preference Sun to part shade

Soil Preference Moist, well-drained

Shape Round or oval crown

Autumn Color Yellow, orange, or red

Flower Insignificant

Seed Small samara


Upright oval to rounded shape crown with dense foliage. Canopy usually wider than high. Slow growth rate. Medium to dark green foliage in summer turning brilliant yellow to burnt orange in autumn. 




Terms and Conditions

  • Remember, no more than 1 of each kind and a limit of 3 total trees per household. Baltimore City residents only please.
  • I agree to plant this tree in Baltimore City on my property/with permission from property owner within two weeks of the giveaway date.
  • I understand that by accepting this tree, I agree to allow TreeBaltimore to map and monitor the health of your tree as part of their tree giveaway survive-ability study.
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Sugar Maple