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The Allegheny Chinkapin or dwarf chestnut, Castanea pumila, is a small shrub/tree that can grow between 15-30ft tall. The Chinkapin nuts are edible to humans and wildlife, having a sweet flavor. They are not grown commercially, so they're a unique foraging opportunity! They are susceptible to chestnut blight, but more resistant than the American Chestnut. Prefers full sun in well-draining soils. Great wildlife value, and a unique species not typically found at nurseries. 


Terms and Conditions


  • I agree to plant this tree in Baltimore City on my property/with permission from property owner within two weeks of the giveaway date.
  • I understand that by accepting this tree, I agree to allow TreeBaltimore to map and monitor the health of your tree as part of their tree giveaway survive-ability study.
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Allegheny Chinkapin