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First there was the Tree Tribe, then Tree Stewards, followed by Weed Warriors, then just simply Tree Trainings that have been used to educate the citizens of Baltimore on the glory of trees, over the past decade and a half.  Some were more successful than others, but most slowly fell to the waste side as people moved on into other positions.  Whether being hosted by the City or NGO’s, the continuity of these programs struggled.

This is where the TreeKeeper Program hopes to pioneer the way.   Starting as a collaboration of TreeBaltimore (City) and NGO’s (ranging from the new Baltimore Tree Trust, to the classics of Parks and People, the Baltimore Forestry Board to Blue Water Baltimore, Baltimore Green Space, etc. etc. the list goes on and on…) this program’s largest goal is to educate the citizens not only on the benefits of trees, but training them to become “tree experts.”  By allowing our new model to evolve with each given class and collaborating with not only local partners, but state and federal partners in our presentations, we can keep the information fresh and informative.

So if you are interested in how trees effect our local ecosystem and how they fit into the past, present and future history of Baltimore  be sure not to miss the first class “101: Trees & Baltimore,” on March 7th from 6-9 pm at the Vollmer Center [4915 Greenspring Ave.].  The 102 class is an educational piece on ‘Science of Trees’ with a hands on tree planting demonstration that will have you on your way as a ‘tree expert’ in no time, this class will be held March 16th [same location as 101] from noon til 3pm.

TreeKeepers unite!