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There are a million ways to start this, yet sadly this is the way I decide to start.  There are people that we meet in this life that change us.  Some good.  Some bad.  But change us they do.  This is about someone that changed us for the better.  Her name was Tasha.  She was beautiful.  She saw the world through coke bottle glasses, in a way that all the bad seemed not to distort the beauty in the world.   She didn’t live in the safest of neighborhoods, but thought it was amazing anyway.  She didn’t believe in religion, but rather chose to believe that “god” was in all of us, and the environment that we chose to surround ourself in.  She once told me, that “god” was in the trees.  I will take that to heart, TreeBaltimore supporters should as well.

For as of this moment, everything that TreeBaltimore plants in this City will be, in a way, a living monument to Tasha (and everyone and everything that is right with this world).  I already planned to spend my life dedicated to the cause of greening this City that I love.  But until now, as the Tom Petty song says, I was truly a ‘rebel without a cause.’  I wanted to green, to green, not that there is anything wrong with that.  But now, my life mission and the meaning behind the work I do at TreeBaltimore, has a cause.  It has a root and I will make that root flourish.  This city will be covered in trees when I am done.  Tasha will be a part of every single one.

To anyone that has lost love and tried to turn it in to someting…anything, that matters, this program (TreeBaltimore) is here, it is for the ones we have lost, it is here for the ones that are still here, it is for the ones that aren’t yet here.  We will leave our mark, and we will leave it proud.

This is our world, this is our city, let’s do our best to change it for the better.  It’s what Tasha would have us do, it’s what any of us would have us do.  So join me, join us, in celebrating life.