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It has been a HOT and DRY summer, which is to be expected in good ole ‘B-MORE.’  Hope everyone is watering in those trees that were planted this past season, and the many seasons that came before!  We have been busy at work, dealing with last month’s storm damage.  We have also put in our FALL tree order!!  When all is said and done (fruit tree and one or two small subsidized orders left to put in), this will be the most planted season in Baltimore, since TreeBaltimore’s inception.  Possibly ever.  So thank you to all that are going to be helping plant!  If you are interested in volunteering, shoot me an email <charles.murphy@baltimorecity.gov>.


Anyway, lets not skip ahead to far into the future, lets enjoy the summer!!  Come on out to your local Park and take a dip in the swimming pool, or do what I do and lay out with a book under a tree and enjoy the nature, under the shade of a glorious tree.


Ps. I am headed to Europe in a few weeks, hopefully I will update before I head out!  If not, perhaps while I am on the road..