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Entering from parkdale ave in woodberry,
two rubber wheels glide over the blacktop below.
Above, a green canopy frames blue sky and aerial duel between small hawk and crow
the Kestrel is a tiny hawk with extreme agility; the crow a commoner with invisibilty.
the two birds play lightly in drifting wind having turns swooping at one another

an initial hill climb past the graveyard of large marble chunks
winding, climbing, keep your legs moving onwards and upwards to prospect hill.
a large red sentinel rules all the forest, TV Hill.
reaching the top of the climb, I discover a hideaway for two whitetale bucks
They’re feasting on the acorn buffet, bulking up for winter.

on the long descent the satisfaction
of crushing beechnuts beneath my wheels
millions of tiny spiked husks containing three-angled nuts are littered across the street
make for easy foraging along the street if one were to “live off the fat of the land”

A massive gathering, an ominous roosting of the Corvids
the park is empty of people here, it’s just me and thousands of crows
The great roosting event is so overpowering that I must stop the bike and immerse myself
A forest of leafless Oak statues is crawling with these vaunt creatures
black silhouettes of trees and birds flying and perching in all spaces overhead

Just around the bend and uphill a bit
the morning glow spotlights a geologic feature
against a soft forest floor, a challenge to ponder
the slab boulder cries out to be climbed
finger tips cold and tender can hold on for only so long
better stick to rubber on road

atop the hill to Mountain Pass
a monument to that fateful day in Spring ’14
when the CSX wall collapsed
jumbled boulders of concrete extracted from the underbelly of 26th.
The pile slowly meanders the crest of the hill
waiting in storage for a repurposing. Until then
the human-made ridge is a playful make-believe traverse
as tho the JFX in motion below were a valley cloud or glacier.

Another descent
U-turns at the bottom are a test of preserving one’s momentum for the climb up
The single gear is designed for hill climbs, but each kg of momentum helps
so keep the wheels tight inside on this one
Then a gradual grade upwards along a well built stone and mortar wall
which frames the forest proudly as the hill gives way to
a parade of Robins darting in every which way.
these rose-breasted beauties are making way for my arrival at
the Tree Baltimore nursery. A staging ground for the city’s new street and park trees!