How to Plant a Tree

Step 5:


Mulch helps keep the soil moist and promotes healthy tree growth. It’s also a great excuse for adults to play in the dirt.
Here’s how to do it:

  • Using wood chips or bark mulch (you can also add leaves or grass clippings from your yard), spread an even layer of mulch two inches to three inches deep around the tree. Spread it at least to the diameter of the tree’s crown (also known as dripline to dripline).
  • If the tree is in a sidewalk cutout, mulch the entire cutout. If the cutout is too large, do your best.

Helpful Hint:

Keep Mulch Away from Trunk
Leave about a three-inch circle of bare soil around the tree’s trunk. Deep layers of mulch, especially piled against the trunk, can attract pests and lead to decay or disease.