How to Plant a Tree

Keep Up the TLC

That’s it—you did it! Just keep giving your tree the TLC it deserves, and it’ll be growing strong and tall in no time. Gosh, we remember when it was just a little sapling…

Trees should be watered regularly during their first two years of life. Here are some simple guidelines for knowing when and how much to water.


Water your tree when:

  • The leaves are out. Usually from mid-May to Mid-Sept.
  • The top few inches of soil are dry to the touch.

Not sure if your tree needs water?

  • Dig down a couple inches at the edge of the planting hole.
  • If the soil feels dry, powdery or crumbly, get your tree some water, stat.

How much?

  • Use at least 20 gallons once a week in the absence of rain and at least 20 gallons twice a week during the height of the summer (July – August).
  • You’ll know your tree’s soil is adequately watered when it forms a ball when squeezed.

Helpful Hint:

Be careful not to overwater!
More newly planted trees die from overwatering than lack of water.

Helpful Hint:

Keep it mulched!
Mulch helps hold the water in.