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It seems that the old saying is true, “as one grows older time seems to speed up.”  I remember back in elementary school thinking the last week of school before summer felt like it lasted a month and a half within itself.  Now I feel like planting seasons just come and go and before you know it the next is here.  We are already in the midst of the Fall Planting season, over 400+ trees already in the ground, still thousands to go.  This is the time of the year us greenies live for!  The leaves are changing, people are outside enjoying the weather before winter’s harsh winds come, pumpkin makes its way into every aspect of our lives and of course tree plantings!

In Baltimore, for the first time since I can truly remember we had two sports teams to be excited about!  How about dem O’s?  And while the Raven’s are suffering a few setbacks due to injuries, they are perched at 5-2 in a lackluster AFC.  So we have reasons in this town to be excited, despite Sunday’s shellacking.

Get outside, enjoy the crisp autumn air, take a hike in one of the numerous great parks that Baltimore City has to offer, take a walk around your neighborhood, just go outside and enjoy being in nature.  Watch the leaves change color, fall from their home amongst the branches to the ground where it will decompose and continue the cycle of life.  There is beauty everywhere, in the squirrel collecting for winter, the kids carving their pumpkins, the smell of the seasons changing.  There is nothing like fall, and like the outfits we must begin to adhere, we must layer our perspectives to the future.  For as the bumper stickers say, “TREES ARE THE ANSWER.”  And the question is, how do we make our futures brighter?  Our children’s future’s brighter?  What is the easiest, most fiscally responsible way to improve the world that we live in?  Trees.

So please be sure to come out to a planting or a give-away this season!  Dates are much more updated on the Facebook page, but I am attempting to increase the amount of information I update on this site, as well.  Happy Fall everyone!