Check out MD Natural History Society’s first winter field trip! Winter Tree Identification with TreeBaltimore at Cylburn Arboretum in Baltimore. 

Come learn how to read the forest! Participants will review basic botanical nomenclature, practice using dichotomous key, and use all five senses to distinguish between various woody plant species. You will learn how to situate yourself and the species around you without as many leaves and colors to guide you.

There will be some low impact hiking involved on a marked trail. Total distance traveled will be no more than a mile round trip in a couple hours. We are also trying to locate a warm indoor space to practice some activities in case it gets too cold.

Please dress warmly and bring whatever will make you comfortable in the cold and switching between temperatures such as water, hand warmers, tea, etc.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Vanessa at


Field Trip: Winter Tree Identification with TreeBaltimore