The Baltimore TreeKeepers is a city-wide tree stewardship program open to anyone interested in Baltimore’s trees. TreeKeepers promote healthy trees by educating residents and increasing their role in the care of the City’s trees. Through this training, citizens can become tree advocates and share the responsibility to plant and care for trees in their neighborhood and throughout the City.

Have you completed both 100 level TreeKeepers courses?

To become certified for Pruning as a TreeKeeper, you must complete TK101, 102 in the spring or fall, then attend a winter “TK202: Young Tree Pruning” lecture and in-person elements, then attend 2 in person tree pruning events hosted by one of our amazing partners! Pruning events are typically hosted by Blue Water Baltimore. Event will be listed on the TreeBaltimore calendar.

TK202 Young Tree Pruning for Leadership Certification. Join Chad Vrany with Bartlett Tree company as he explains the basics of young tree corrective pruning. This is the annual pruning lecture; it’s VIRTUAL this time. Note: for pruning certification, an additional in-person element is still required. If you’ve completed both 100 level courses, sign up now for the virtual class, and find the in-person events listed on our TreeBaltimore calendar. Spaces will be limited for the in-person session for both the safety of participants and staff. All virtual and in-person event registration will take place on CivicRec. You will need to create an account with CivicRec if you haven’t already done this.