Learn how to Identify Trees in Summer. ATTENTION All Certified Baltimore TreeKeeper Tree Pruners:  Idenitifcation of tree species is usually the first step before prescribing tree care! Meet at the Clifton Mansion!

Accurate tree identification requires a combination of knowledge and experience. Terminology in the fields of botany and dendrology will be covered in this course. The use of terminology and other descriptive words will be practiced to give TreeKeepers experience verbalizing Tree ID. Learn by using the process of elimination to narrow down the possible types of tree you might have in front of you. Practice detective work in searching for fruit, flower, twig, or leaf. Examine the young or mature bark and general form, or growth habit, of the specimen to give further clues. Use your senses to see, touch, taste, and smell the many distinguishing characteristics of a tree’s anatomy. This will be a three hour course outdoors. Bring a hat and water bottle, and come prepared to walk. Extra items that are usually helpful in tree ID but not necessary are hand pruners or pocket knife and a small magnifying glass or a 20x jewler’s loupe.