In this her sixth book, which has received wide and enthusiastic reviews, Jill Jonnes approaches the development of the urban forestry movement as an arborist might examine the growth rings of a tree. Her chapters abound in colorful characters; intrepid plant explorers, testy politicians, charismatic tree activists, and determined genetic scientists.
Brought to you by the Baltimore City Forestry Board, TreeKeepers, and the City of Baltimore’s Department of Recreation and Parks, Jonnes tells the tale of how America’s urban trees have captured our imagination and led to the emerging science that proves the importance of trees as essential to human well-being and to the long-term vigor of our cities.
Jonnes will be joined by Baltimore City Arborist Erik Dihle who will share current research on the city’s urban forests. This event is free and open to the public. No registration required, feel free to follow the event on Facebook.