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City Nature Challenge
The 2020 City Nature Challenge is still on! The City Nature Challenge asks citizen scientists in cities around the world to document as many species as they can over a multiple-day period, helping people to connect to the nature found in cities and highlighting the biodiversity found in urban areas. In previous years, participating cities competed to have the greatest number of people participating, the most total observations, or the greatest number of species observed.This year, the CNC will not be a competition, but an opportunity for people worldwide to connect through nature by safely documenting biodiversity in whatever way they can, whether that is in their yards, in a park at a safe distance from others, or even finding wild visitors inside their own homes. Participants are encouraged to follow all local public health guidelines, including observing social distancing by not meeting in groups and maintaining a six foot distance from others.
During the 2019 City Nature Challenge, 458 participants made 8,499 observations and identified 1,268 species in and around Baltimore! Join other citizen scientists online to make this year’s CNC a success.To participate in the 2020 event: 

  1. Download the iNaturalist app from the AppStore or Google Play and create an account
  2. From April 24-27, find and photograph a wild plant, animal, or evidence of life (like shells or tracks) anywhere in the greater Baltimore area 
  3. Share your observation to the Baltimore Area City Nature Challenge iNaturalist project