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Hey everyone! Vincent mapping smallI’m Vincent Bergamo and I interned with Victor Miranda at TreeBaltimore this summer. We began creating a map that will show the locations of all newly planted trees in the city. The map can be helpful in a variety of ways such as: analyzing tree survival rates, finding new places to plant, and discovering what planting sites may need more attention in the future.

When I first came to TreeBaltimore in June, there were no guidelines as to how Victor and I would go about making our tree map. Our job was to figure out the best way to go out and collect the raw data. In the first few weeks, we noticed a lot of obstacles that could slow down our data collection. Some sites with as few as 50 trees would take us an hour and a half to complete because we had to identify all of the species. As the summer went on, we became much better at identifying trees and were able to speed up our data collection process. I began catching myself identifying trees on the side of the road as I drove home from work.

Tree mapping kit.Small inconveniences such as too much cloud coverage or being next to a tall building would severely skew the GPS locations we were collecting. We would revisit every site to hand correct the original tree locations but if the locations were greatly skewed then we would go crazy trying to figure out which tree went where.

Sometimes there would even be areas on our map with 3 or more trees at the same exact location!

I learned a great deal from TreeBaltimore, Victor, and all of the partner organizations that I was able to meet this summer. Thanks for such an incredible opportunity and I wish you all the best.